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CHM 2012 - Organic Chemistry Laboratory 2

Getting Started

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Continues CHM 2011. Introduces organic chemistry techniques for lab operations. Includes preparation, reaction, and analysis of organic compounds.

If I could talk to you face-to-face about the best resources for completing your assignments and research in Organic Chemistry 2 Lab, I would tell you:

  1. to learn about and use Organic Syntheses online ( or in print (QD 262 .O7)
  2. to learn about and use peer-reviewed journals (you can read more about peer-reviewed journals and why they are important in the Articles & Databases tab)
  3. that SciFinder is the go-to place for all types of chemical information (you will need SciFinder to complete your project toward the end of the semester)

The Reference Resources tab will lead you to some useful resources for basic information about organic chemistry, and the Citing Sources tab contains information about RefWorks, a very important resource provided by Florida Tech's Evans Library to help students, faculty, and staff keep track of the resources they use in completing assignments and research.

Research Resources

Click here if you want to print out the library presentation handout..