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CIS 3100 Information Systems Security

Library resources and assigned readings

Getting Started

Welcome to the research guide for CIS 3100 - Information Security Systems! Here you will learn about the library resources available to you and find readings from the Evans Library selected by your instructor. 

Please note that the readings listed on this guide are ones available through Florida Tech's Library or web resource. 

Remember to click on the Ask A Librarian link on this page if you have questions or need assistance  We are happy to help you! 


Required Reading for Week 1

 Considerations Surrounding the Study of Protection

The Protection of Information in Computer Systems (Section I, Part A, pages 1279 – 1283)


Reference Citation (APA):

Saltzer, J. H., & Schroeder, M. D. (1975). The protection of information in computer systems. Proceedings of the IEEE 63(9), 1279-1283.


Note: 2nd line should be indented (hanging indent).