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Find NAICS Code

The North American Industry Classification System or NAICS (pronounced "Nakes") is the standard used by Federal statistical agencies in classifying business establishments for the purpose of collecting, analyzing, and publishing statistical data related to the U.S. business economy. By finding the NAICS code for your industry, you can easily search for information on your industry in library databases, as well as online (Google, etc.).

Dr NAICS:  If you are having difficulty finding your NAICS Code, send an email to Please include your telephone number in your email message in case we need to call you for more information.

Note:  Please keep in mind that there might not be a NAICS code for your business. In this case, use one similar to your business.

Use NAICS Code to Identify your industry

The NAICS Code is used to determine/identify which industry (or industries) best reflect or fit your primary lines of business (product or service). 

NAICS (pronounced Nakes) stands for North American Classification System, and is the standard used by Federal statistical agencies to classify business establishments for statistical and comparison purposes. Each business is classified into a six-digit NAICS code number based on the majority of activity at the business.  NAICS codes are also required by Federal, state, and local governments for administrative, taxes, or contracting purposes.

NAICS uses a hierarchical structure. A "hierarchy" is the relationship of one item to a particular category. NAICS is a two- through six-digit hierarchical classification system, offering five levels of detail.

NAICS Structure

The organization of NAICS is as follows:

  • Sector: 2-digit code
    • Subsector: 3-digit code
      • Industry Group: 4-digit code
        • NAICS Industry: 5-digit code
          • National Industry: 6-digit code

Note: Three sectors are represented by a range of 2-digit codes. These include Manufacturing (31-33), Retail Trade (44-45) and Transportation and Warehousing (48-49).


Level NAICS Code Title
Sector 44-45 Retail Trade
Subsector 441 Motor Vehicle and Parts Dealer
Industry Group 4412 Other Motor Vehicle Dealers
NAICS Industry 44122 Motorcycle, Boat, and Other Motor Vehicle Dealers
National Industry 441221 Motorcycle, ATV, and Personal Watercraft Dealers

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