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Business Reference Question Resource (BRQR)

A starting place for finding business and industry information

Comparing Business Databases

In the wide world of business research tools, locating financial data, stock information, company reports, industry analyses, and business news can be as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack. This database comparison chart will help you quickly identify the the best sources for various types of business and industry information. PINK ARROW denotes the best database(s) for the topic.


Business Database Comparison Chart

Database Comparison Chart

Information Type Business Source Complete EDGAR eStatement Studies  RMA  Gale  IBISWorld

Mergent Online


Std & Poor's Net Advantage Statista  Value Line  
Scholarly Articles                
Trade & Magazine Articles            
Business News            

Company Information

Public Companies      
Private Companies          
International Companies          
Non Profit                    
Company Profiles      
Financial Data    
Annual Report            
10-K Report                
10-Q (Quarterly Report)                  
Investment Analysis/Report              
SWOT Analysis             
Company Ratios              
Corporate Histories                  
Bond Information                

Industry Information

Industry Reports/Profiles        
Equity Reports (Trends)                        
Industry Analysis      
Industry Ratios            
Market Research    
Stocks, bonds, mutual funds                
Country Reports        
Statistical Data      
Business Plans                  
Legal Research                
Theses & Dissertations                  
Consumer Information