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Reference Training

The purpose of this guide is to provide information on reference service and resources for library staff and others who may have the opportunity to assist patrons in a liaison's absence.

BEH 5014 and BEHP5014b - APA Online and Continuing Education

BEHP 5014b Unit 1 Reading Assignments- Recommended

Chapter 2(pp.25 – 45) Favell, J. E., & McGimsey, J. F. (1993). Defining an Acceptable Treatment Environment.

In Van Houten, R. & S. Axelrod (Eds.), Behavior Analysis and Treatment (pp. 25-45). New York: Springer 


BEHP 5014b Unit 1 Reading Assignments – Required Textbooks

 Bailey, J. S. & Burch, M. R. (2016). Ethics for Behavior Analysts. 3rd edition. New York, NY: Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group.

Cooper, J. O., Heron, T. E., & Heward, W. L. (2007). Applied behavior analysis. Upper Saddle River, N.J: Pearson/Merrill-Prentice Hall.

Martinez-Diaz, J.A. (2015). Introduction to Ethical & Professional Conduct of Behavior Analysts: An Instructional Handbook. 2nd Edition. 

Class Assignments


Below are links to class assignments that will be helpful when working with students enrolled in this class.

Class and Instructor


Art History - Dr. Lars Jones

Frits Van Eeden Swan Painting


3rd Floor Applied Computing Center

 BUS 5450 or  MGT 5013 - Organizational Behavior

Research Guide

Students are asked to find three peer-reviewed articles. 

BUS 5650 - Strategic Cost Management

Forsythe, Ralph. (Autumn 1999) “Implementing ABC and the Balanced Scorecard at a Publishing House”. Management Accounting Quarterly, 1 (1), pp. 1-9.

Kershaw, Russ. (Winter 2001) “Developing a Balanced Scorecard to Implement Strategy at St. Elsewhere Hospital”. Management Accounting Quarterly, 2 (2), pp. 28-35.

Research Guide with access to articles 


This information has also been sent to instructor to post for students.

COM 1101 - Dr. Finnegan

Fall 2017

If any of you talk with a student in Dr. Finnegan’s COM 1101 – be aware: they have a different kind of assignment than the other COM 1101 classes. Dr. Finnegan’s COM 1101 students are writing about a poem, novel, short story, or play of their choice (writing about literature is typically a COM 1102 assignment). Dr. Finnegan’s COM 1101 paper requires the students to find 4 outside sources: 1 biography article on their chosen author, and 3 critical essays on their chosen piece of literature. Instead of actually analyzing the literature themselves, Dr. Finnegan asks the students to merely summarize the thesis and arguments of the author of the critical essay; one critical essay summary for each body paragraph of the essay (3 outside sources, 3 body paragraphs). Then end the essay with a conclusion of their own. They’re using MLA 8th Edition for citations and formatting.





OCE 1010 -  Introduction to Oceanography - Dr. Kevin Johnson



OCE 3011 – Engineering Materials

Dr. Geoffrey Swain

Refer students to the ASTM Standards and Engineering Digital Library which can be found in A to Z databases.

From here they can do a search within the database to find information on their specific materials topic.

WRI 1001 Writing 2 - Week 2 Library Assignment (Online Learning Class)


Research Guide

CHM 2012- Organic Chemistry Laboratory 2

In my instruction I show them the Research Guide, SciFinder, and Organic Syntheses (found under Internet sites in the guide). Their assignment is to look up a synthesis and carry it out. Everyone should have SciFinder accounts already, we did that in class.


CHM 2012_Multi-Step Synthesis Project

Dear Students,
This is just a friendly reminder that everyone needs to find and print a copy for the following paper before the lab this week (Thursday, Feb. 25th):
G. W. Cannon, R. C. Ellis, and J. R. Leal, “Methyl Cyclopropyl Ketone”, Organic Syntheses, Coll. Vol. 4, p. 597 (1963); Vol. 31, p.74 (1951).




You can find a link to Organic Syntheses in the Internet tab of the Res Guide for this class:

Once you are on the Organic Syntheses website you can either search for the title (Quick Search in lower right corner) or navigate to the volume and page number – Quick Navigation in lower right above the search area). If navigating via Volume use the Collective Volume drop down.


Here is a direct link to the article: via the DOI since the copied url didn’t seem to work.


Harvard Business Review access via Business Source Complete

Publisher has added restrictions regarding the use of persistent links in LMS, as well as print and save options.  If you are using Business Source Complete, access Harvard Business Review (HBR) via the A -Z Journals or A -Z Databases.


Below is a tutorial that demonstrates how students can access articles in HBR using A-Z Journals

Accessing Harvard Business Review articles in Business Source Complete August 2017