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COM 2223 - Scientific and Technical Communication: Home

Course Description

 The purpose of COM 2223 is to practice in the technical and scientific writing style and format, including gathering and using data to prepare reports. Includes abstracts, reports, letters, technical descriptions, proposals and at least two oral presentations.


Getting Started

This guide can help you find resources for Sci Tech Com. From books on techical and businesss communication to databases containing the latest research, this guide will show you the most relevant resources for this course.

The Anatomy of a Scholarly Article Here is a link from the North Carolina State University Libraries. This quick tutorial (no audio) will give you an overview of the parts that make up a scholarly article. Knowing this will help you senthesize the data more quickly when you are writing reports or business-related communications.

Featured e-book

For more e-books, see the books and e-books tab.

How to Get More Specific Search Results

Are you searching with a keyword or phrase and having trouble finding relevant results? One trick you can use is to connect your keywords with Boolean Operators! Boolean Operators (AND, OR, NOT) are connectors that help us combine our keywords in specific ways for more relevant results. Check out this video on how Boolean Operators work in research. 

Subject Guide

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