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Doctor of Business Administration (DBA): Writing & Formatting

This guide is a starting point for research information for DBA candidates studying at Florida Tech.

Florida Tech Thesis & Dissertation Manual & Style Guide

Thesis Manual & Style Guide  - This manual is for use at Florida Institute of Technology and provides instructions for writing your thesis/dissertation.

Note:  Visit the Office of Graduate Programs early on in your writing to make sure you are following their guidelines for layout and format.

Templates For Writing Your Thesis or Dissertation

Important Note: The Evans Library offers a LaTeX template for your convenience. Students should use this template at their own discretion.  For additional guidance, please contact your thesis advisor and/or your department, as this will likely be the best source for LaTeX information.

This template is intended to offer a basic outline of the formatting requirements. These files are not guaranteed to be error free or work precisely as written and may require customization.

Florida Tech Electronic Thesis/Dissertation Submission Process

Thesis and Dissertation Work & Forms

Florida Tech Thesis and Dissertation Work (Office of Graduate Programs) which includes the following:

  • Registration  - process and procedure for MS thesis, PsyD, PhD and DBA students
  • Submitting Procedures - formatting, fees, and approval process
  • Checklist - a list of  requirements for graduate students writing a thesis or dissertation
  • Tutorials and Templates - on submitting your thesis, generating a Pdfa; and FIT thesis template in Word and Latex

University Forms for Graduate Students (Office of Graduate Programs & Registrar

Writing Assistance

Academic Support Center (ASC) - help available from Florida Tech faculty.

Writing Style Guide - writing guidelines from the University's  Marketing and Communication Toolbox.

Tips for defining and writing a thesis statement - courtesy of the Center for Writing Studies at the University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign

Writing Guides & Tutorials

Using APA Style CENTRAL Database

How to Evaluate Journal Articles

A journal is considered as the scholarly if it is peer reviewed. Look for the following to find a peer-reviewed journal: 

  • If the journal is sponsored by a professional scholarly society or association (e.g., the American Psychological Association) or by a university program (e.g., Critical Inquiry) or department (e.g., Social Science History).
  • If the journal has a list of reviewers or an editorial board inside the front cover, back cover, or on the first few pages. 
  • If the journal available online in well-regarded archives such as JSTOR or Project Muse
  • If a journal is indexed in an important index for your field

For more information please visit‚Äč 

What is a scientific journal article?

From the AACR (American Association for Cancer Research)

Scientific journals publish a few types of pieces. The two most common are the research article and the review article.A research article is peer-reviewed and presents a complete description of a new research finding. A review compiles the results of many different studies on a topic into an overview of that field. Click the links below to read more:

What are scientific journal articles and how do I find them?

How to read and assess research articles


Cited Reference Searching & Journal Rankings: Proquest

 Proquest helps to locate articles and other documents that have cited a previously published document, and also determine where a journal is ranked in relation to others in its field.

Thesis and Dissertation Resources

Below are links to theses and dissertation resources here at the Evans Library.

What you should cite to avoid plagiarism

From: Harris, Robert A. The Plagiarism Handbook. Los Angeles: Pyrczk Publishing, 2001.

Even if you are using your own words to paraphrase or summarize a source, you still need to cite it since it was originally someone else's idea or words.

Citing Sources & Plagiarism

Research Guide for Citing Sources & Plagiarism

Find information and guidelines on citation managers such as RefWorks and Mendeley, style guides such as APA and MLA, and about plagiarism and how to avoid it.

Citing Help

Ethical Standards in Research and Writing

The Ethical Standards in Research and Writing Tutorial includes: