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COM 2370 - Speech: Home

Course Description

In COM 2370, you will be Introduced to the concepts and techniques of effective public speaking and small group communication. You will also prepare, organize and deliver different kinds of short speeches. This guide can help you find resources for preparing and delivering your speeches.

Getting Started

If you are looking for a speech topic, you might want to try a Summon search (click on the books and e-books tab) to see what the library has aviable on your topic.

We also have e-books that will help you brush up on your presentation techiques.

Under the additional resources tab, you can explore websites and blogs from individuals and organizations concerned with effective communication.

I hope you find what you are looking for here. Feel free to use my contact information on the right, if you have other questions or need assistance.

Video from

This is a video from and speaker Malcom Gladwell discusses the nuances of spaghetti sauce! This one is from 2004, but there are new ones every week. gives you a chance to see professional speakers in action! Watching these videos may give you ideas for capturing and keeping the audience's attention. Enjoy!

Subject Guide