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BUS 4788 Business Plan Research: Home

Research resources for creating business plans

Using Library Resources in your Business Plan

  1. Determine which industry or industries your product or service is part of.   Try to locate the industry NAICS code which reveals how the industry is perceived in the hierarchy of business sectors. You can use the NAICS code to search in many of the Library databases, government websites, or on the Internet (See NAICS tab).
  2. Research your business industry, market, and competitors using library databases. Look for sources that cover your industry such as industry and market research reports, news sources, and industry and market analysis.  See how to under the Key Resources and Industry & Market Reports tabs.
  3. Find Government statistics under Data/Statistics.
  4. Not too sure what a business plan looks like?  Find some under the Sample Plans & Guides tab.


A to Z Databases


Search the library catalog for books, ebooks, and government documents. Use the Library of Congress Subject Headings to determine how a subject is named in the library catalog.

A to Z Journal List

Use the A to Z Journal List to find journal titles that the Evans Library owns. Be sure to enter titles without abbreviations.


Reference Sources